On Monday 13 May to Friday 17 May we will have a week of activity – encouraging and supporting colleges to hold events and speak to their local MPs with their staff, students and local business partners to demonstrate the skills they bring to the community and why the Chancellor should ensure meaningful and sustainable investment of colleges in his Comprehensive Spending Review.

We have a wide range of resources to support colleges with developing their plans, and suggestions about how they might develop an event. We also have lots of social media graphics you can use to promote your event. But as with all of our work on Love Our Colleges, we know that colleges are the experts on their local context, their local partners and what works best for them – so we hope a number will develop their own creative plans too. 

New webinar:

On Friday (26 April) AoC’s President, Steve Frampton and Head of Public Affairs, Lewis Cooper, sat down for a chat (30mins) about the upcoming week of local action as part of  the  campaign.

Have a listen and see how you can get involved.  Listen here.